Nation Serva
Settlement type City
Primary Races Human
Major industry Agriculture

Tenna is the northernmost settlement in the nation of Serva, formerly connected to the city of Zane (now part of Cruxhelm, after the Shattering.) Once a resupply source for Servan military forces, and the first point of defence against potential Tolari invasions, it now provides food to the rest of the country in the form of crops and livestock.

Far from the politics found in the capital, Kest, Tenna is commonly considered the most peaceful city in modern Serva. This is a significant change from its origin as a fort at the intersection of two dangerous frontiers. Primarily a defensive position against the threat of invasion from the former Tolari Empire, Tenna's local agriculture was later focused into the forests of what is now know as Cruxhelm. The holy armies of the Servan High Church relied on Tenna's support to maintain their outpost of Zane, right up until the Shattering occurred.

Now, Tenna has neither Cruxhelm to support nor Tolari to fend off. The fortifications go largely unused save for storing grain, and it instead provides considerable excess agricultural supply to Kest, most of which is traded internationally from there. (In a great stroke of irony, much of that ends up stolen by Noran Pirates, meaning Tenna's agriculture is still helping to support Cruxhelm.)

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